Eddie Bush Signature Guitar & Glen Campbell

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Country Music Hall of Fame – Glen Campbell Display

[Excerpt. Original article by Jim Tatum, Summerville Journal Scene, 6/14]

Glen Campbell with Dillion Guitars Eddie Bush Signature custom Black Stallion acoustic guitarIf one were to pinpoint a time when Eddie Bush first dreamed of playing music, it would have been during the late 1960s/early 1970s watching country music legend Glen Campbell on television.

“That man is the very reason I play guitar,” Bush said. “I can remember as a little kid pretending I was him, jumping up and down on the bed with a broom in my hand pretending I was playing guitar.”

Bush would never meet his idol personally, yet their lives would intersect.

Fast forward to around 2001 when Jon Vinci, owner/designer of Dillion Guitars, heard Bush’s music for the first time, thanks to a mutual friend, Bruce Henderson. Vinci liked what he heard and offered to design an Eddie Bush signature model guitar. Bush debuted the guitar at a major national event in Washington, D.C., and has played it extensively ever since.

Then about two months ago, an odd thing happened. “I got a post on my Facebook page from a former student,” Bush said. “He had posted a picture of himself at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, standing in front of a display case full of guitars.”

Prominently featured in the front of that display case ­— which turned out to be part of the Hall of Fame’s Glen Campbell exhibit — was a Dillion Eddie Bush signature model guitar. “This is in the section that exhibits all the guitars he played throughout his career,” Bush said. “How he found out about that one, where he saw it, I have no idea.”

What Bush does know is that in 2010 Campbell was asked to appear in a movie in which he was to sing and play guitar — and that Campbell contacted Vinci asking if he could play one of those guitars in the movie. Vinci sent him two, Bush said.

Despite the fact that the two have never met, the thought that his childhood idol actually played a guitar named and designed for him astounds Bush.

“Talk about full circle,” Bush said. “I never met the man, but he’s my original inspiration, and here’s that guitar with my name on it in his collection in the Country Music Hall of Fame. What are the odds? I still get chills just thinking about it!”