Calloused Hands Guitar Video Instructional Series

Eddie Bush has released a new video guitar instructional series called Calloused Hands Guitar. The instructional series, featuring Eddie Bush, will cover a multitude of techniques, approaches to melody, chord progressions and phrasing, examples of popular players and their unique styles, and helpful video angles that motivate quicker understanding of the ideas being shared — all in a short, entertaining presentation.

The first video in the series , the “Fake-A-Slide” technique, features Eddie’s  CARVIN Guitars Jason Becker JB200C Tribute Guitar, and the CARVIN STEVE VAI LEGACY 3 Series Guitar Amplifier.

This instructional video offers a tutorial on the unique “Fake-A-Slide” technique, which allows a player the freedom of approximating the texture and phrasing of using a slide, but with fingers instead of steel, glass, or brass. There is a fun lick to demonstrate as well.