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THE ENDORPHIN MACHINE – A Virtuoso Tribute to the Music of Prince, featuring Eddie Bush w/ a “Purple Party” hosted by 25 SHADES OF PURPLE, featuring DJ Obi-1-Benobi

You may have heard the old saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”? Yeah well, make no mistake — this is NOT an imitation. It is a celebration!

Fronted by maybe the one person on the planet who simultaneously possesses both the instrumental and vocal chops to do it justice, The Endorphin Machine is exactly as advertised — a virtuoso tribute to the musical genius of Prince. And this is a tribute in its purest and rawest form — an in-your-face, passion-pounding, power-funk, guitar-shredding, get-off-your-ass-and-dance BLAST through the eras, incarnations, and musical inventions of the artist who will always be known as PRINCE.

So who has the ability and the audacity — the balls, if you will — to perpetrate a Prince Tribute with a 3-piece power trio? Meet Eddie Bush. When he erupted out of his native Charleston, SC in the late 90s as a young rock gunslinger, Eddie quickly garnered all the glowing accolades — the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called him a “cross between Steve Vai and Jeff Beck” — and toured with the likes of Eric Johnson. But he also sported a voice that eventually landed him a major label deal (and a Top-40 single) in the 2000s with country vocal trio “One Flew South” (Decca/Universal). The thing is, through all the career turns and comparisons to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eddie’s ultimate hero had always been Prince.

In fact, every chance he got over the years, Eddie Bush would whip out his signature turbo-charged Prince covers, and whether it was in front of a Rock, R&B or even Country audience — hell, even once at a Blues Festival! — the crowd would go bonkers. And more importantly, anytime there were true Prince aficionados present they would invariably be absolutely blown away by the power and passion, the real tribute he was paying. Thus was born the unique concept of The Endorphin Machine. Fueled by the Baron of the bass Ben Bennett and drumming power-plant Steve Clark, this machine is all about bringing the music. Because that’s what Prince himself was about: The music. The only people you’re gonna see dressed up like Prince at an Endorphin Machine show are in the audience, and hey, they’re cool with that!
– Gary Carrico – Grand Touring Music

25 Shades Of Purple
The evening will be bracketed by a multi-media Prince experience and “Purple Party” hosted by 25 Shades of Purple. Boasting one of the world’s largest collections of Prince videos, many with enhanced quality and sound, DJ Obi-1-Benobi (Ben Umbreit) has been so inspired by Prince’s music that he has traveled the world to assemble his unmatched collection and shares it with fellow fans in a fun, party environment. The Purple Party isn’t just a DJ show, it’s an entire event with video production, costume contests, themed drinks, decorations, memorabilia… and a whole lot of purple!