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Eddie Bush Press Kit
“Eddie Bush is a young gunslinger guitar monster from Charleston. Quite simply put, he is the best live guitarist I have ever seen. He is one of those geniuses whose genetic makeup includes parentage somewhere down the line of Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster.”
Jim Tatum, Times
“Eddie Bush is one of my favorite singers I’ve heard.”
Eric Johnson, GRAMMY winning guitarist
“Eddie Bush is absolutely one of the most amazing performers we’ve ever had in here, period… national, regional or local!”
Jim Malonee, House of Blues (national talent buyer)
“Amazing… to say the least!”
Jeff Healy, Blues Guitar Legend
“This Charleston-based young gunslinger’s chops are already legendary in serious guitar circles, and he sings well in the bargain. His live shows appeal to six-string aficionados and casual rock fans alike. See him now!”
Creative Loafing (Savannah)
“Eddie Bush has been in some enviable places, playing gigs such as the Newport Folk Festival, Farm Aid, even the CBS Early Show. Bush has extraordinary talent — and a drive to match. His calm, easy-going demeanor is contrasted with a deep intensity of spirit, a single-minded focus on the road ahead.”
Jim Tatum, Summerville Journal Scene
“Eddie Bush is absolutely one of the finest guitarists that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, period. Not only here in the Lowcountry but anywhere. He is the complete package. Is he fast? Sure. But like many others, he does not rely solely on the fleetness of his fingers. His touch, feel and timing are all amazing bordering on absurdly amazing, to say the least.”
Johnny Cox, Lowcountry Underground
“Succeeding in music requires great tenacity. Opportunities are typically hard to come by in the early stages of a musician’s quest, and it takes real commitment to stay focused on goals becoming reality. The music business is one of the toughest businesses to excel in, and it demands the most intense effort, the willingness to go above and beyond for what often adds up to little or no monetary reward, but instead the hopeful step forward that leads to bigger things.”
Eddie Bush
“… it is, without a doubt, his talented guitar playing skills that held me captive. Like those who are guitar fanatics, Eddie has a mastering way with the strings that stands out on this album and is certain to draw the attention of guitar lovers.”
AC Staff, AngryCountry.com
“Eddie LIVE is more of a frenzied religious experience”
Jim Tatum, The Beaufort Gazette
“The students were entertained by singer/songwriter Eddie Bush, who wrote The Power of You, which is based on EdisonLearning’s eight core values. Mr. Bush is a passionate supporter of education, and performs for students all over the country to increase their love and appreciation of music.”
Peter Milosheff, The Bronx Times
“Eddie Bush is more than just another lightning-fingered gunslinger. He is a consumate musician and a force to be reckoned with as more and more fan are exposed to his heartfelt, wildly entertaining stage show”
Coast Magazine
“Eddie Bush is one of the Lowcountry’s most versatile artists. Striking a chord with the country’s heartland, his country-pop efforts have popular appeal.”
Charleston Magazine