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“Eddie Bush” features Hard to Stop a Train, Eddie’s first Billboard charting single. Hard to Stop a Train and its accompanying video were featured frequently on GAC (Great American Country) and CMT (Country Music Television).*CD available at concerts.

Eddie Bush by Eddie Bush

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In a way, the chorus of Eddie Bush’s new single, “It’s Hard To Stop A Train,” describes the dynamic career momentum of this talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. Playing guitar practically since he could walk, Eddie was also inspired by a passionate love of artists like Glen Campbell, Elvis, The Beatles and The Osmond Brothers to develop his natural singing talent. He’d formed his first band before he hit Junior High and was playing club dates as lead guitarist and singer with his own original rock bands by age sixteen. Eddie has continued to build a strong following as an in-demand live performer known for his eclectic set lists, charismatic stage presence and virtuoso guitar licks. “Once I decided that music would be my career,” Eddie recalls, “I was completely dedicated to becoming a great guitar player.”

Oddly enough, it was the guidance of Eddie’s guitar-slinging country idols that led him to focus on his vocal abilities and gift for compelling song craft, a move that steered him away from straight up rock and directly into the country realm. Eddie’s ambitious, self-titled debut album presents a tight collection of thirteen songs that fit comfortably into the country pocket while drawing from classic rock and pop sensibilities that have inspired him since childhood. “When folks first hear a song like “Call Me Lucky,” it’s easy to assume the record will sound like Keith Urban,” Eddie offers, “but when you actually listen to the variety of songs, it goes beyond that. For years, fans told me I had so much more to offer than just going down the road of being a gunslinger. I started taking these comments seriously, really listening to what’s going on in country and experimenting with sounds. There’s so much room to move within country music right now that I feel my trip into the country world basically fell into place at the right time.”

The rousing two-step, “We Don’t Kiss Like That Anymore”and the album closer, “Two Nights In a Row” show Eddie’s lyrical playfulness and keen sense of humor. “Songs are like time capsules that can take you right back to the place you were when you wrote them. Ultimately, if I’ve been very moved by something I’ve written about, then hopefully you’ll be moved by it as well when listening to my songs.”

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    If you’re into new country, and want to hear something fresh and exciting, check out this new release by Eddie Bush. The album features Eddie’s remarkable vocals and smokin’ guitar playing. Eddie delivers a mix of catchy songs here – both involving serious, and not so serious topics. The CD is a joy to listen to from start to finish. For those of you who have never heard Eddie, he compares to artists like Keith Urban. If you like Keith Urban, chances are you’re going to like Eddie too. Go ahead, buy this CD. You won’t be disappointed. P.S. If you like shredding rock n roll guitar playing (like Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, etc), try and find some of Eddie’s earlier works.”

    Eddie Bush is smoking! I love this CD! Every song is great. I love his hit song, “Hard to Stop a Train” and I love his more moody country song, “Another Dry Place”. This is a new country sound that I would like to hear more of.”

    Normally I don’t like male “country” singers, but this album is different. While I suppose it is technically a country album, it lacks the typical vocal style that I dislike so much. Instead, it’s straightforward, honest music… refined and intelligent. It’s really surprising that Eddie isn’t more widely known and appreciated. That suits me fine, since it makes me feel like I’ve got my own backstage pass, but it seems like more folks should know about him.

    It’s hard to pin this music down as strictly country. Eddie’s take on the genre is decidedly different. The production values on this album are very high, but that’s almost a given these days, especially since it’s coming out of Nashville. It has a nice, full sound, not over-produced, plenty of breathing room… clearly Eddie and his production team know what they are doing.

    I’ll skip the “I-like-this-song-more-than-that-song” routine, since your preferences will be different than mine. But I will think that most folks who like country music will find something enjoyable about this album.”

    THE THIN BLUE LINE – William O. Jones
    Having heard Eddie Bush in person, I could not wait to get a copy of his CD. “Thin Blue Line” is a great tribute to those who protect us all. “Two Nights In A Row” is a wonderful surprise and leaves you wanting more. The whole album is great and I can’t wait for the next one.”

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