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Wide Open World is a fresh sounding, sonic journey expressing the ups and downs of life’s unexpected challenges, and is filled with undeniable hooks and musical adventures. [more]

Eat, Drink & Sing

Eat, Drink & Sing came together with a magical stroke, a coincidence in events, and songs that just seemed to fall into place. It is stylistically creative, lyrically poignant, instrumentally interesting, vocally and harmonically exciting, and above all, heartfelt MUSIC. [more]

“Eddie Bush has been in some enviable places, playing gigs such as the Newport Folk Festival, Farm Aid, even the CBS Early Show. Bush has extraordinary talent — and a drive to match. His calm, easy-going demeanor is contrasted with a deep intensity of spirit, a single-minded focus on the road ahead.”
Jim Tatum, Summerville Journal Scene
“Eddie Bush is one of the Lowcountry’s most versatile artists.
Striking a chord with the country’s heartland, his country-pop efforts have popular appeal.”
Charleston Magazine
“Eddie Bush is absolutely one of the finest guitarists that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, period. Not only here in the Lowcountry but anywhere. He is the complete package. Is he fast? Sure. But like many others, he does not rely solely on the fleetness of his fingers. His touch, feel and timing are all amazing bordering on absurdly amazing, to say the least.”
Johnny Cox, Lowcountry Underground
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